Once a month I have the opportunity to sit around a table in a Dallas high-rise with several national companies who are committed to serving the local church. This team of companies calls itself “Partners in Church Consulting,” or the PCC Network.

Surprisingly, our gatherings are not just about business. We share life and it’s been a pleasure getting to know the leaders who run these organizations. I’ve seen their humility. I’ve heard their trials (both personal and professional). I’ve seen their commitment to integrity.

At a recent meetings, our facilitator handed out a page of questions and gave us time to reflect and respond. I’ve added a picture of the page below. He wanted us to describe our top 3 accomplishments for the year. And, he asked us to share our top 3 UN-accomplishment. Then, we talked about our objectives for the rest of the year and what we need to do to make a change in our organization in 2018. Our time of sharing was powerful and personal as these leaders never stay on the surface.


Finally, Lamar asked how he could pray for us — personal prayer needs (individual) and requests for our families. It’s tough carving out 2 hours once a month to attend another meeting, but I confidently say that this one is worth it. So much growth and encouragement comes from sitting around the table with these incredible leaders.

Please check out the PCC Network website. I recommend this group to you with no reservations. Lamar and his team cares for you and the Church.

Following Lamar’s lead: How can I pray for you personally? How can I pray for your family?


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