Located in the “Corner Bakery” headquarters building, I knew this was going to be a good conference. The smell of baked goods filled the air. Fortunately, our conference was located in the basement of the building, rather then anywhere near the bakery.

This was not your typical conference. Developed by the thinkers at Leadership Network, this experience fit more into the category of learning cohort, rather than your typical conference. They didn’t catch our attention with flashy signs and videos. They didn’t usher us into the moment with worship music. They didn’t surprise us with celebrity appearances. Rather, our intimate crowd sat in rows and engaged in conversation, networking, and strategic thinking. It was wonderful!

The genius of this experience was hearing from four presenters, the opportunity to follow up their presentations with dialogue, and space during the day to just think about how the topics would impact your organization. The focus of the day was “Strategic Staffing.”

The speakers included Pastor Steve Stroope who presented key motivators for staff. He was followed by Sam Chand (via video) who outlined seven ways to change your staff culture. Kadi Cole hit the ball out of the park with her talk about different types of teams. The day ended with Dr. Warren Bird walking us through the latest staffing trends based on his research.

The experience challenged me, inspired me, and encouraged me. Kudos to the Leadership Network team on the initiation of the Innovate Now! series. Five more like-minded experiences are slated for this year. My schedule is full, but I’m going to make time to attend these upcoming experiences because, in my opinion, they have much to offer to effective church leadership.

Register online for Innovate Now!


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