Facebook message I received this week from a friend in Dubai:

Hi friend. I’m looking for resources for a staff member to learn about church systems in large churches. Any suggestions for staff structure or ministry systems? What about small groups? (We are 2700+ across two campuses FYI)
My response:

Hey friend – it’s great to hear from you. A couple resources that will fit various scenarios:

effectivechurchleadership.com (my blog)

Anything by Peter Drucker
Henry Mintzberg, Managing
Church Administration, Tidwell
The Business of the church, Wimberly
Leading and Managing a Growing Church
Foundations of Church Administration, Petersen

There’s so much information available. Nelson Searcy has written a lot about church systems, but he also wants you to buy a lot from him. I gravitate toward Drucker and Mintzberg because everyone quotes them. It’s also important for your friend to just take time to identify the systems in the church, then gather resources around those. I venture to say that a gifted administrator can easily identify the systems. Most likely they will be finances, governance, organization, communication, policies/personnel.

I hope this helps, or at least gives a starting point. As time goes on, by blog will become more robust with book reviews, resources, ideas, etc.

Take care, brother!



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